Strata Insurance

Strata Insurance

Strata Insurance Benefits

  • Building Cover
    Our comprehensive package covers the buildings, including the standard white appliances installed in each strata unit and common property.
  • Hurricane & Natural Disasters
    Living in the Caribbean has its risks. Island Heritage Strata Insurance includes hurricane, tornado, windstorm, earthquake, volcanic eruption and any resulting sea surge or flood.
  • Break-in Damage
    Island Heritage Strata Insurance covers against any damage to strata buildings as a result of theft or burglary.
  • Public Liability
    You have the option to cover for public liability arising from common areas.
  • Discounts
    Discounts are available to customers who choose higher policy deductibles.

Strata Insurance Details

Your policy covers you for the full rebuilding costs of your buildings, this includes patios, terraces, footpaths, hard courts, paved areas, walls, gates, fences and signs. Seawalls, docks, piers and jetties may also be eligible. Please contact us for more information.

  • As owner/occupier for damages, costs and expenses for death and bodily injury of any one person or a number of persons on your property
  • Damage to Property


Flexible deductible options are available to help you to manage your premium.

  • Buildings
    Includes the building and its original fixtures and fittings, patios, terraces, swimming pools, footpaths, satellite dishes, external antennae, hard courts, walls, gates and fences.

    The sum insured must be for the full rebuilding cost of the home, including allowances for debris removal, demolishing, and professional fees.


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