Island Heritage Retirement Pension Plan

Without planning, it’s unlikely any of us will ever hit our retirement goals. The good news is retirement planning doesn’t have to be hard work. At Island Heritage, with the assistance of BF&M Group, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible.  

The Island Heritage Retirement Pension Plan can help employees understand their finances and make decisions that are right for them. No matter where people are in their retirement planning, Island Heritage offers the solutions, resources, tools and guidance needed to develop and manage a retirement strategy.

Our suite of investment options include:

  • Target Date
    Members choose their profile based on the year they expect to retire

  • Risk Based
    Members choose their profile that best matches their risk tolerance

  • Self Directed
    Members choose their own investment allocation from a wide range of asset classes

What makes Island Heritage and the BF&M Group of companies different from other insurance and pension providers?

  • We bring market-leading financial strength and scale
  • We offer flexible investment options
  • We pride ourselves in providing fee transparency
  • We deliver outstanding customer service

Island Heritage Retirement Pension Plan Brochure

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